Surfing the Tsunami

“You would think that with all the talk about credit ratings, and S&P, this story would be a natural for the wire services and networks. But you would be wrong. This news is only being reported by a local radio station.”

Matt Augustine on Standard and Poor’s upgrade of Florida to AAA credit rating

“My conscience is violated. I feel like I’m supporting the flag of whatever those Islamic countries are, and the rainbow flag, and not the red, white, and blue.”

USAF Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran, Landstuhl, Germany

Permit me to clear up any misconceptions. When I write in my articles that things are about to get very rough in America — sooner rather than later — I am not making threats. I am simply a person standing on the shoreline pointing at an approaching tsunami, saying “Look! Here it comes!” That is not a threat, or even a promise — it is simply an observation.

Rather than wait for the “tsunami” to engulf you, why not ride the tsunami, surf the tsunami? In order to surf the tsunami you need to be informed, as opposed to propagandized by ersatz “news,” fed to us by the various lame-stream media outlets. With this in mind, I have gathered together in this article some issues that the media has recently either ignored or given short shrift to. There are, of course, a plethora of other issues than the ones I mention here.

We might as well start with the quote that begins this article. As all the TV news programs have been telling you, it’s true — Florida has had its credit rating increased by Standard and Poor from a AA+ rating to AAA. What’s that? You say you haven’t heard this important news? Hard to believe — after all, Standard and Poor’s recent downgrade of America’s credit rating was splashed across all the front pages. You would think that “we the people” would want to know about a state that is going against the flow. How did they do it? What can my state do to follow suit? (Note: See addendum). Link Link

Apparently the Powers That Be have decided that “we the sheeple” have no need to be informed of such peripheral matters. God forbid capitalism, conservatism, and free-enterprise should ever get good press in America. We are all Socialists now, don’t you know. Meanwhile, the “Learjet-limousine-liberals” continue to lecture us on our extravagant ways. To which I say: f–k that, and f–k them. Link

What about the second quote, the one by SSgt. Daryn Moran? You know — the thirteen year veteran who refused to follow orders until Obama showed proof of his eligibility to be POTUS. Surely his story has been “top of the hour” news round-the-clock. No? Moran told “The Blaze” that he is being discharged from the military for a “personality disorder,” based in part on the fact that he believes that homosexuality is a sin. Link Link Link

Hmm. Is this is the same homosexuality that according to recent reports accounts for a miniscule 2% of the population, yet accounts for a whopping 61% of new HIV cases? The same homosexuality that shortens one’s lifespan twice that of cigarette smoking? The same homosexuality that Adm. Mike Mullen and the other Joint Chiefs of Staff are embracing with both arms? Yes, that one. Link

They may as well just issue new recruits a carton of cigarettes and a syringe, and tell them to have at it. Morons. I do not consider the military’s acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle to be a sign of enlightened tolerance. It is not a sign of tolerance to encourage someone to pursue a life-shortening, spiritually stunting, polymorphously perverse life-style — it is a sign of spineless, ill-informed stupidity. Link

Speaking of spineless — given the craven way that the military turned its back on LTC Terry Lakin, I expect no better from them in regards to SSgt. Moran. They obviously treat their oath to defend the Constitution as an irrelevant nuisance, if not a joke. It was not always so. Link

Speaking of the military reminds me of guns, which reminds me of some sage advice I recently read by an economist — “Buy a Gun.” That is the advice that Joseph McBrennan, economist and editor of the Taipan Publishing Group, gave the other day. As they used to say — “Trust in God, but tie your horse” — or as it might be put today, “Trust in JC, but pack your CC” (Concealed Carry). (If you live in an open-carry (OC) state, change the axiom accordingly). Link

McBrennan writes, “Buy a weapon to prepare for what may be the most devastating economic downturn our nation has ever faced. As one trained in economics, I never thought I’d write those words. However, I’ll repeat them. Buy a gun.”

(For what it’s worth, my personal preference for a CC is the Ruger LCP, with a Talon pocket holster, Pearce magazine extensions, a Crimson Trace laser sight, and Cor-Bon DPX rounds — don’t leave home without it. Just one shot into the air can serve as a wonderfully efficacious FMR [Flash Mob Repellent] — just be prepared to lower your sights as needed). Link“>Link

What about the fact that Ohio is about to sign into law the most protective pro-life law in the country? Surely the “news” venues have informed you of that. Or how about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s promise to examine Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS? No? How about the ongoing “Gunwalker” scandal? Surely your major “news” outlet is keeping you abreast on that. What about Obama’s unconstitutional bypassing of Congress with his Amnesty plan? The unconstitutional “Law of the Sea” treaty? The Far Left roots of September 17th’s “Day of Rage?” Karl Rove and the other RINO’s dislike for Rick Perry? No? Link Link Link Link Link Link Link

The above subjects are but a minuscule portion of the real news available to us. “We the people” need to do our own research, and stop relying on the lame-stream-media to provide us with the truth — they will not. As “terrorist hobbits” protecting the Shire, it is incumbent on us to ferret out the truth ourselves. The days of trusting the main-stream-media to have at least a semblance of journalistic integrity are gone.

Surf’s up!

Laus Deo.

Addendum: In “journalese,” Governor Scott of Florida “misspoke” when he said that S&P had upgraded Florida’s credit rating to AAA. Brian Hughes, a spokesman for the Republican Party of Florida, states, “S&P made [a] positive change to the outlook of Florida’s credit worthiness, not the rating.”

Nonetheless, the story is newsworthy in that it reflects the positive effects of fiscally responsible practices. As PolitiFact notes: “Standard & Poor’s [reacted] favorably to Florida’s budget behavior this year. Both the S&P press release and a longer report we reviewed from the July outlook change spoke highly of Florida’s fiscal strategy, especially its willingness to cut spending as revenue dropped.”


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