Obama, Osama, and Wagging the Dog

“There’s something awfully screwy going on around here.”

Elmer Fudd

It’s no joke that ever-increasingly the American people distrust the news media. I would imagine that the Marxist/Fascist/NWO globalists must find it tiresome to have spent all that time, effort, and money to infiltrate, subvert, and pervert America’s various news venues, just to have “we the people” do an end-around, and get our news from the Internet and radio. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

“We the people” find ourselves in a classic “tail wagging the dog” situation, where the large American eloctorate, who should wield the power in the United States, are being controlled, manipulated, and conned by a relatively small number of people in the federal government — for nefarious ends I might add. Link

Although the freshman class of Congress critters who were elected into office back in November gives one hope, it will take a small army of people with the character and integrity of, say Allen West, to undertake the herculean task of cleaning out the bulls–t-caked Augean stables of Washington D.C. Link

Nothing short of a wholesale, industrial strength house cleaning is in order for Congress in 2012 (House and Senate). That a strong, conservative, patriotic American is needed at the country’s helm after 2012, goes without saying. Which brings me around to Obama, the current Resident of the United States.

It seems more than fishy that Obama has quickly transformed himself into “Captain America,” on the heels of Trump’s giving the eligibility issue a national voice, and shortly before the release of Jerome Corsi’s highly anticipated book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” In addition, LTC Lakin is to be released from Ft. Leavenworth prison later this month.

As you’ll recall, Terry Lakin was sent to prison when a US Army kangaroo court found him guilty of failing to obey orders, after Lakin refused to deploy overseas until he was shown proof that Obama was eligible to be POTUS, (and thus his Commander in Chief). They refused to let him have access to Obama’s birth certificate on the grounds that it might contain “embarrassing information” about the ROTUS. Besides, Lakin was told, the Pentagon issued Lakin’s orders to deploy, not Obama. Link

Apparently Obama is not Commander in Chief of the military, according to the US Army, who told Lakin that the chain of command stops at the Pentagon. As Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) said last year, “All this talk about rules. We make them up as we go along.” Boy, do they ever. Link

Be that as it may, in the days following the purported raid on Osama bin Laden;s compound, Obama has wrapped himself in the American flag like he was born to it. On the day following the raid he was up bright and early presenting Medals of Honor (posthumously) to two Korean War vets (well deserved, and long overdue). On Thursday he laid a wreath at the site where the WTC used to stand in NYC. I expect to hear an announcement that he’ll soon be on CNN singing “The Star Spangled Banner” acapella. Link Link

All this from a guy who has gone around the world apologizing for the United States, continues to cripple our economy, thought the idea of a large mosque complex near “Ground Zero” was a swell idea, and recently threatened to not pay our service men and women if Congress didn’t fall into line. The list of lackluster patriotism, if not outright anti-American activities, is long and sordid — both before and after Obama became ROTUS. As Resident of the United States his actions have become more noteworthy is all. Link Link Link

(Sidebar: Speaking of nefarious actions, anybody else notice the food prices going up along with gas prices? Can you say “inflation?” Having the US Treasury cranking out dollars like Monopoly money was bound to catch up with us sooner or later. The government tells us not to worry about it though, so I guess we’re all right. Not). Link Link

“One lies, and the other one swears to it” seems to be the operative pose within Progressive elements in the US military, federal government, and news media. At the end of the day, all that “we the people” are left with is a strong suspicion that we are being had, again. Whether it’s Obama’s birth certificate, or bin Laden’s death, we are left with the feeling that it all just doesn’t add up. Link

All of which leaves many truth seeking Americans wondering if Osama bin Laden was actually killed in that raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan last Sunday. Could the SEALs have done it? Of course. Would they have done it? In a heartbeat. Did they do it? Your guess is as good as mine. http://www.guncopter.com/s-60-variants/
Among the many questionable issues surrounding the operation, I have the feeling that the missing 25 minutes of video from the raid may turn out to be as significant, and damaging to Obama, as Nixon’s missing 8 minutes of tape was to him. Link

What about Obama’s birth certificate — the whole eligibility issue — has the ploy to place it on the back burner been successful? That remains to be seen. The lame stream media outlets will certainly continue to marginalize it, and attempt to sweep it under the rug, as will the majority of professional politicians — left and right. Will Donald Trump resume his aggresive stance once the dust settles around last Sunday’s raid? Again, that;’s anybody’s guess. Link

What seems to be certain is that there is a growing divide between the US military and the White House. Walter Fitzpatrick III (CDR US Navy Ret.) recently said, “You have people in the military who are intelligence experts who are going to their boss and saying, ‘Excuse me, but that ‘document’ that was put out on the internet is a fraud.’ The military commanders are now forced into a situation where they either have to act as they have acted, or risk going along with this Mr. Obama for a while longer. I don’t think anybody in the military who’s in a position to know better is going to go along with this man anymore.” Link

In reference to how the Obama eligibility issue is affecting the rule of law in this country, CDR Charles Kerchner (US Navy Ret.) recently said, “Not even statutory laws are being obeyed. Not even regulations regarding congressional inquiries from soldiers are being obeyed. It’s strictly to defend one man, a phony, a fraud, the usurper-in-chief, Obama. Our whole system of government, our whole culture has been corrupted and turned upside-down and completely rotted from the inside out to protect this man. All of our laws are being subverted and ignored because they know the answer: he’s not eligible.” Link

America does not need any more answers — we have “answers” up the wazoo. What we need is the truth, and if “we the people” demand it, we will win out in the end — duplicitous politicians and an untrustworthy news media notwithstanding.

Laus Deo.

P.S. Bravo Zulu to the SEALs involved in last Sunday’s raid — and congratulations and condolences to the family and friends of SEAL Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005, and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. The new US Navy destroyer named in his honor will be launched May 7, 2011 — the USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112). Link

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